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We regularly receive letters and cards of thanks from our grateful customers, so we decided to add a dedicated Testimonial page to our website. If you'd like to share your experience with O'listica Health & Wellbeing on this page, please use our contact form.


Hi Jacqi,
I absolutely loved my reiki with you. I felt relaxed the minute I stepped through the door. The whole place has a lovely serene vibe and it was just what I needed. I have already told a few of my friend about my experience and look forward to my next treatment


I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the experience of visiting your centre for the above treatment yesterday. My therapist was Jackie, who fully explained the treatment and gave good advice on future treatments.  I received a warm welcome to the salon. I totally enjoyed my visit and felt very relaxed and calm afterwards. I was very thirsty, however had the best night’s sleep I have had for a long time! I will certainly be making another appointment.

Amazing treatment. From the point of hardly being able to lift my arm to then after receiving Emmett  treatment lifting up above my head with ease  highly recommend.
J Proctor

EMMETT Worked wonders on my whiplash after a car accident.
S. Cole

Very good Spinal touch, feel relaxed and a lot straighter and can see an improvement already booking again thank you
Sophie Leigh

My saving grace  Spinal Touch I crawl in with sciatica and walk out!! The most amazing treatment!! Xxx
L. Holmes

I have been several times for Spinal Touch for various complaints and always found it to be very beneficial. Jacqi is very good at what she does, it is always relaxing.

I've suffered with four different forms of spinal arthritis, and Scheuermann's disease since breaking my spine in 1985, the 'chronic' pain really kicked in five years ago and I've been taking HUGE amounts of very strong painkillers, I was recommended spinal touch treatment less than a year ago, I now go every 4/6 weeks and have reduced my painkillers by a massive 12 a day that's (336) painkillers a month my liver and kidneys no longer deal with, oh and the staff are wonderful too.

Re: Spinal Touch
Everything was great. Atmosphere was relaxed and I enjoyed the whole experience. Looking forward to the next visit. Many thanks. A Jones.

Re: Sound Healing
I always look forward to my treatments with Jacqi they are my treat & I have had so many wonderful experiences, it has helped me feel so much more relaxed and more able to cope with life in general. This time I decided to try Sound Healing as I was very drawn to it...... WOW what an amazing treatment the vibration of the sound resonating on some many different levels for me & I have never experienced such deep relaxation it was truly amazing, I felt for me it was very comforting and nuturing, the sounds from the singing bowls, bells, flute and drum all vibrated in different areas of my body and Jacqi's voice was absolutely beautiful. I immediately felt so much calmer & clearer following my treatment and the next day I felt as if I had a new body with so much energy and motivation feeling very focused. I think everybody should experience Sound Healing it is a wonderful gentle treatment which I would highly recommend to everybody thank you Jacqi as always I cant wait for my next session. ZR xx

Re: Spinal Touch
I was surprised and delighted after my first Spinal Touch treatment with Jacqi at O’listica Health and Beauty. I had been experiencing severe dizziness for some time; which I found very scary and debilitating, and my doctor and Jacqi suggested that I may have a trapped nerve in my neck. I found out about Spinal Touch and decided to give it a try. I have to admit to being a little nervous about it due to a previous serious back operation but I trust Jacqi my therapist completely and knew she would make sure I was OK. The treatment was very gentle and the only way I can describe the sensation is that when points on my back were touched I could feel tension ‘melting’ away. After the session I immediately felt the results. My head, neck and shoulders felt relaxed and as though they had been ‘freed up’. Surprisingly I felt taller! What was most amazing and I had not anticipated was the mental calm and well being that it left me with. I hadn’t realised how much physical and emotional confidence I had lost whilst being ill until I regained it following my Spinal Touch therapy. My dizziness has completely gone and I feel generally so much better. I had a second session to find out if there was anything else to be gained. I still had a little tension in my neck and shoulders and the second session cured this. I think that I probably have a tendency towards carrying tension in my neck and shoulders and so will probably have ‘top ups’ in the future. I hope what I have written helps others who may need this treatment to try it for themselves and if it helps just one person as much as it helped me it will have been worthwhile. Jane P.

Re: Reiki
I would rate 10 on everything as I felt very welcome and comfortable with the therapist and the surroundings. P Dyson

Re: Beauty Treatment
Hi the Beauty treatments I received yesterday were excellent, I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed. My overall score would be ten out of ten for everything and I hope to see you all again soon. Many thanks. M Moore

Re: Sound Healing
I have had amazing experiences with the sound healing sessions that I have had with Jacqi. The vibrations from the sounds that Jacqi produces through a range of drums, singing bowls and instruments is truly wonderful, and has helped me both physically and mentally. I have loads more energy and feel calmer, happier and so peaceful. If you are looking for a non-evasive healing treatment that is healing and very relaxing I would highly recommend booking a sound healing session with Jacqi. Jacqi is brilliant. Karen P

Re: Spinal Touch
In response to my treatment on Saturday. I have to say from the moment I walked into the salon I felt relaxed. I saw jackie and imediately felt at ease. When I came on saturday I was expecting a miracle cure as I could not straighten my back so walking and standing was very painful. The treatment was amazing. You do not realise how bad your body is and how much your back problem affects you. It was very relaxing but also painful. The pain is not unbearable though and you feel your body releasing itself. Its quite a strange sensation. When the session was over I was in alot of pain and a little dissapointed to be honest as my miracle cure was not apparant. But jackie assured me to wait 48 hrs and I would see results. 48hrs later and although im still sore I can now walk alot easier and my back seems to of aligned a little better so my hip is nearly back to where it should be! I am still very sore and unfortunately off work but I have another session booked for this coming saturday. I have had this problem with my back for years as I have disc deterioration disease in my lower spine. And I have not had such dramatic results from any other previous treatment . Your healing hands were recomended to me by my good friend and I will definately recomend you to others. J. Richardson

Re: O'listica Services
This afternoon I attended the Olistica Health & Beauty Salon for the first time for a Holistic Massage. On arrival I was welcomed in a friendly manner and following completion of a questionnaire I was shown to a consulting room by a therapist whose name I sadly cannot recall. The service that followed was simply first class with a strong pressure applied throughout which was what I required. I would recommend your establishment to any of my friends and family and as for the therapist words cannot describe how amazing she was. Richard Vaughan

Re: O'listica Services
I have had a variety of fabulous treatments including Reiki, Reflexology and various facials. The Manuka Honey facial is so much more than just a facial, Helen always manages to work out the knots in my shoulders and having my feet massaged as well is absolute heaven. As for Reflexology, having always suffered constipation and bloating, Jacqi keeps it under control since initial course of treatments with occasional follow up sessions and the foot massage at the end is very relaxing. Keep up the good work Jacqi and your team. Pat, Aldridge

Re: O'listica Services
Myself, my Mom and my sister have been visiting Ollistica for over fifteen years! We started off with Reiki, which is a lovely, relaxing therapy. It has provided us all with the tools needed to overcome life's challenges and the confidence that we have the power within us to do so. Over more recent years - beauty packages have been tailor-made to suit our individual requirements and have been second to none!! All at Ollistica go the extra mile to provide the ultimate in pampering, ensuring a fantastic experience.Sarah R, Theresa C and Sharon C

Re: Skin Care
Previously I had spots on my face and both dry and oily patches on my skin ( not a very attractive look I grant you).
Since I have been using products from Olistica my skin condition has improved and I no longer have any of these problems.
Gradually I have changed all of my skin care, hair and shower brands to those that are chemical free and are not tested on animals and there is such a huge difference. Thank you to Jacqi and all the team at Olistica.

Re: Spinal Touch
Spinal Touch is a brilliant treatment that I try and have every three months (more often if I have a back issue)
It is not painful and there is no manipulation involved. It is a very relaxing and effective treatment that benefits the whole of the body.
As my job involves driving all day it is easy to become out of alignment and the treatment helps to correct this. For this reason it can help anyone that sits, stands or puts any kind of stress on their bodies on a daily basis.

Re: Colon Cleanse
Finding myself over indulging somewhat over Christmas I decided to take action and have this none invasive treatment.
Wow what a difference ! You receive good dietary advise and some helpful recipes to follow and the results are amazing.
Not only did it kick start my diet but eased my terrible bloated feeling. For a while when I bent over to put my shoes on it felt like I was leaning on a foot ball and it was very uncomfortable. After the two sessions I feel so much better and my energy levels have also improved. I will be booking myself in for regular treatments when advised.

Re: E M A
I always look forward to receiving EMA as it is both energising and relaxing at the same time.
It makes you feel as if you have had a great nights sleep in a short period of time and as a result relaxed and fully refreshed.
Experiencing this wonderful energy is pure bliss and can help to balance the mind, body and spirit.
I have monthly sessions and I find that I am more able to face the world with a smile and a positive attitude. Please feel free to tweak where necessary and I am happy for you to include my name. Love and hugs Sue x x x  

Re: Spinal Touch
I was amazed by the fact that I seemed to be able to move my head an equal distance both ways.  For years, I have been able to move my head much further turning left than I could turning right. I had a sense of smell that hasn’t existed for years.  It was only short-lived. I was uncertain as to how things would settle down and thought it appropriate to see what evolved over a couple of weeks. Subsequently I would say:
There have been occasional aches in different parts of my back but nothing unbearable and nothing that hasn’t settled down inside 24 hours. I can still move my head what seems to be an equal distance in both directions. I have been running for three weeks without any calf problems.  I hope I haven’t tempted fate by saying that but the sharp pains that I had been experiencing have not recurred. Running has often resulted in my hips getting tight but, so far, my hips have felt much more “free”.
Moving forward: I think there has been a definite improvement but feel that it is probably work in progress. I never expected to be “cured” for life as I think it is life which creates the imbalances, etc.

Re: Spinal Touch
Hi Jacqi,
I feel the need to compose this testimonial following my recent monthly visits for Spinal touch therapy.
I was diagnosed with Spondylosis about 12 years ago and had fallen into the cycle of popping anti –inflammatory pills
(Ibuprofen & Diclofenac) more & more regular as I thought this was the way forward for me with this condition.
I have now, after having about 5 monthly spinal touch sessions, found that my need for the pills has almost gone.
The pain is greatly reduced along with the symptoms I usually get like frozen shoulder & neck.
Obviously I have not been cured but by the fact that I don’t require all the pain killers I feel a lot healthier.


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