Energy Morphing Activation (EMA) ... continued

 in Cannock O'listica Health & WellbeingEnergy Morphing Activation (EMA) is one of the newest energy techniques now available allowing you to raise your vibrational energy system on all levels using sacred geometry, Colour and vibrational techniques.

E.M.A.opens the doorway to one of the newest energy frequencies available at this time.

If you are ready to move forward  with your spiritual evolution...

E.M.A. could be for you !!

This is one of the newest energy techniques now available, allowing you to raise your vibrational energy system to the next level on your spiritual journey.

A remarkable new system helping you to integrate the vast changes which are currently taking place across our beautiful planet.

EMA provides the means for you to access your purpose in life.

This purpose lies dormant within our DNA.

EMA helps you to understand the amazing times we are living in helping you to access your highest potential.

Do you realise that inside every single cell of your body lies the most amazing power?

EMA assists you and gives you the keys to access this power that is already within you and can awaken you to your true path.

EMA is designed to raise your vibrational frequency of your DNA which activates its hidden potential.

When you have accessed the higher frequency it will become quite natural because all it does is awaken you to what you always new, its simply allowing you to remember.

E.M.A. assists the Quickening of our vibration through our DNA.

The truth is simple its man that makes it complicated.

The time is NOW!!

Make the decision and step into the new reality.

We are living in unprecedented and ever-changing times. We are constantly being asked to adapt our personal lives, and collectively, as part of a global family.

However, while the energies and vibrations are being raised on planet earth, so we are being given wonderous help and guidance from the masters who are overseeing plant earth's ascension.

We are being called upon to be Avatars

One path being Divine Sacred Geometry, vibrant colours,language of light and beautiful star light is Energy Morphing Activation. E.M.A. will begin the process of raising your personal vibration to embrace the power of the ascension, while at the same time, 
bringing your mind, your body and your soul to the point of 
pure love and perfect light that the creator always intended for us.

Background to Energy Morphing Activation                 

The whole planet has been going through many transformational shifts. 
Over the past few years, more and more people are becoming aware of the need to take control and responsibility for their own lives.

The planet at this time has reached a point where the vibrations have changed so much that we are now able to bring in much faster vibrational energies - 

hence E.M.A. ....

E.M.A. is a much faster vibration than some of the older energies.  It is being brought through by a group of beings known as the Arcturians they are one of  the most beautiful group of loving beings in the universe. For some people, the faster energies may not seem appropriate, but as these newer energies act as a perfect transmitter and receiver, helping us to attract the right frequencies of light to process through our D.N.A. and to deflect the rest. E.M.A. helps us to build up our own energy field acting as a shield  against unwanted energies and frequencies. Those who are meant to use these new energies will often know and will feel a call, often feeling that the older energies are no longer working for them.

Everyone's journey is special and unique to them and the important thing to remember is that however your journey occurs, and whichever system you are drawn to 'always enjoy that journey'.

One journey is no better than another, for all journeys are special. So let your heart guide you as to how you have to travel and you can rest assured it will be perfect for you. 


E.M.A. is a high vibrational energy that works by correcting the D.N.A. as it moves through our energy body. It releases old energy patterns that no longer serve us.

E.M.A. allows the body to remember it's natural ability to heal itself perfectly.

As the old patterns of illness and emotional thought patterns are released through the energy field, it allows the body to accelerate it's own healing power at exactly the correct rate for each person. 

As the energies released through the energy body, it accelerates the original point of conflict and removes it so that the body no longer needs to repeat the old pattern of illness or limitation.


The E.M.A. treatment is carried out by an E.M.A. practitioner or facilitator. A basic treatment can last from between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the client's situation.

During the session, there will be very little physical contact. You will be asked to stand in front of the practitioner/facilitator with your hands resting gently at your side and your feet firmly planted on the ground. The practitioner/facilitator will then work with the E.M.A. to facilitate whatever needs to happen for that client. At some point you will be asked to turn with your back towards the practitioner/facilitator and the treatment will continue.

You will be asked to get onto the couch and be left for 10 minutes, allowing the energy to continue working. When the practitioner/facilitator returns, they will discuss with you what happened and give you feedback. You can expect to notice something even after the first session and it would be suggested that you try to take it easy for the rest of the day.

E.M.A can be used on and in many situations to facilitate healing on many levels. Many people report feeling of peace, calm, joy. Some report feeling strange vibration in the body, shaking, emotional releases, spaciness and remembering etc.(see testimonials)

This will be different for every client as we are all unique and no two experiences will be the same.

writings by myself and various people who wish to contribute little nugget's of inspiration and poetry



Make Baby changes
Stay in control
Pay attention to energy
Try to sleep at least 8hrs
Many will have emotional imbalance need sleep to regroup and re-wire as electric magnet field being re-calibrated
Sleep allows you to process things

We are overloading on electromagnet level because we are having to catch up
Decide to look after yourself
Do relaxing breathing before going to sleep then just let go
Decide how your going to react in your life
Decide to take control
Sometimes you will feel like you are unable to connect just know you will come through it it is just a passage like seasons that come and go allow yourself to feel it non resistance non victim if you allow yourself to feel it it will come and it will go sometimes it will last longer
Express your anger but do no harm to anyone or anything else
Do it through crying or punching a pillow and however you are able to do it without anyone then just allow yourself to move through
D.N.A is changing we are being birthed to a new level
Magnetic shift

No one has ability to allow you to see new dimensions to become telepathic this will happen naturally at the rate appropriate for each person
Commit to stay at the highest frequency possible
The brain is restructuring neurological shift is happening energetic structure changing
Illusion decreasing light increasing this can make you move through many emotions give up the resistance move through the emotion do not resist

Huge energy shift happening moment by moment moon cycles planetry cycles Earth cycles
We have to evolve with mother earth otherwise we will not be able to stay on her many will leave
Understand what is happening don't be afraid you cannot die if you resist anything it then owns you be responsible for all of you ,you are responsible for your thoughts but do not feel guilty this is the illusion that holds you back you did what you did because that's what you knew

Shift when it's appropriate the illusion wants to make you stay angry realise it's the illusion then decide to change

Keep your vibration high do what ever you have to to help your energy vibration stay intact
Look for things that raises you up and empowers you to take control to be the person you are
Write about your feelings if you have to get it out keep a gratitude journal it will help you to change find someone you feel connected to and share
This is a wonderful time to be here upon this beautiful planet it's what we've all been waiting for

  21st March 2011 

WE ARE HERE to reveal the knowledge to reveal the truth
The truth really is quite simple but it has been kept from the masses by the few
Who have attempted to corrupt the truth to enable the continuing control of the many
The time has now come for these truths's to be revealed
The truths are really quite simple and we already hear you having a conversation inside your head saying how can the truth be so simple if this is so how come they have been withheld from the masses for so long
Simply because you humans often complicate things as you have been led to believe you are not worthy of having a life filled with joy and happiness
So when the truth has been offered to you by previous teachers and way showers
You have rejected it and not because deep down within your being you did not feel it within your own heart that what was being revealed to you was truth
But you allowed your ego to stop you from accepting these truths
As you have been lied to for so long and have been led to believe you could only live your life through struggle and hardship
So although you knew deep within your being you denied yourself the life you were meant to live because your belief system was so instilled into you by those who wished to control you that you would not allow yourselves to experience anything other than fear

We are here now to tell you that there is nothing further from the truth you are a being of light and it is our desire to help you remember
We are here to show you the way
But then we will give you the tools to find these truths and the remembering but then we will let you go
For only you can decide whether or not to use the tools you have for we have no power or authority to make you do anything you do not want to and neither have any other entities or so called powers
This is one of the first truth's you must learn
You are the creator of your destiny you are the master builder of your life and you choose how that life will unfold you make that choice in every single moment with every thought word and deed it is up to you to choose that which enhances the life you wish to have
You know deep within when something you choose does not assist your vision of the life you would choose to live
So if something does not resonate deep within your being you have a choice and you can choose again
You are responsible for the choices you make
It is time for you all to take back control of your hopes and dreams you cannot expect someone else to make these choices for you and then complain it is not what you wanted
So now is the time to remove yourself from the belief that you do not have a choice this is one of the falsehoods you have been fed to enable those who wish to control and dominate the masses by keeping you all in a position of fear and lack to disempower you
To believe someone or something controls all aspects of who you are we ask you to ask yourself this question does that feel right that someone else gets to decide the outcome of your life
Or does it feel better when you know you have the choice to make the outcome of your life more favourable for yourself
We would also ask that you do not worry when sometimes you feel you have made the wrong choice for there are really no wrong choices there are just choices and you are always free to choose again remember you never have to settle for the first outcome you must remember you are a divine spirit and you can continually re-write your script the choice is always yours even if you decide not to do anything that in itself is a choice

The wisdom keeper


Jodi's writing 12th June 2011(part me part channeled)
I wonder where all the brave people have gone Am I the only one asking the questions? Why don't they question the so called professionals like governments doctors, police force, teachers the news media etc

I could go on and on People believe that the professionals know more than they do and they fear questioning these people to seek the truth.
Believing that these people know more than they do thinking they have no right to question and even if they do when things don't add up or sit right with them they still choose to ignore the truth and believe what they are told
they do not dig deeper to uncover the truth they are so wrapped up in their own insecuritys and fear they cant see the light through the mist The mist of fear and lies that our world revolves around
These people are kidding them selfs about what really is going on around them the truth will always be there you can't run or hide from it It always shows its face, even when its been hidden the truth always finds a way No matter how long its been hidden or how many lies have been told or how much fear has been placed on it the truth is always there waiting to be revealed.
I'm wondering if I'm the only one that feels like this frustrated with the world we live in I feel like I can't breath I feel the people in it are suffocating me I feel like they are pulling my every last breath and draining my energy I'm so tired of people not seeing what is going on right under there noses or is it that they choose not to see it and ignore it.
Why can't they see the truth that stares them in the face?
Well because of fear they are living there lives through fear and fear spreads like the plague everyday things are done out of fear
Why do we have insurance?
Why do we have pensions?
Why do we vaccinate our children still knowing it can harm them?
Why do we pay taxes that we do not need to?
Why do we take drugs knowing the side effects can be greater than the cure?
Why through fear Why can't they see the truth because the fear is greater?
So I want to send these people a message Life as you know it will no longer be the same you have very little time left living the life that you know Change is on its way if you are ready for it or not You will no longer be able to deny the truth or pretend any more or live through fear
Money and material matter will no longer be important to you Surviving will be your priority and living by the truth there will be a lot of disruption to come before we will live in a world where fear has no place and there will only be truth, love and respect for life
Man can no longer be destructive and we will no longer be ruled by fear as fear has no place in our hearts So I ask you to wake up now and seek the truth or forever hold your peace If you choose to awake be prepared to raise your vibrations and to awaken your truth and live by your heart and you will see the miracles that will occur
Your children are drowning from your fear Look into the eyes of a child and you will see no fear only their innocence of love they only speak the truth,out of the mouths of babe's we say
When you do you will not be able to deny the truth that you hold that is buried deep within you,
The truth never leaves you it is always there but for reasons of your own you have chosen to hide it or not acknowledge it.
The truth is sometimes hard to face but once you do the fear is lost and has no place with you anymore I beg you to awaken and unlock your truth stop being a prisoner of your own fear release the fear and let it go.
Fear is a very dense energy and it will always have a hold of you until you decide to let it go
I encourage you to let go and experience the truth and enlighten your soul;
I will be there to hold your hand along the way as it is not always an easy journey to take
I will guide you on your journey to the love light and magic that is waiting to take part in your life
I thank the one's who have already stepped up and have awoken from their sleep and can see the truth through the mist We are getting closer now and it will be harder and harder for you to stay on this earth and hold your vibration You may be feeling low/depressed/tired/frustrated/exhausted/fatigued/craving high sugary foods
This is your body struggling to hold your vibration so you may also feel unwell for no apparent reason, a feeling of disconnection and confusion or feeling that you can not go on or cope you may feel like you are drowning from it all like you are at sea paddling for your life trying to keep your head above water but you feel so exhausted it would be easier to go under but if you look you can see the shore in the distance you know you are close and have come this far so you keep paddling and use every last breath and every ounce of energy you have in your body because you know when you get there everything will be o.k and you can breath again
And it will be my friends I beg you to keep going as we are now near the end of the beginning and you will no longer have a foot in both worlds
This will be the hardest fight of your life but will be worth it when we can reap the seeds we have sown We will live in peace and tranquillity in a world that is ruled only by love and truth where the light shines so bright,



Lonely place this world
you can be in room full of people and still be alone, no societies serving higher purposes and looking after the highest good of friends, partners or neighbours.
There are a few still around lighting the way for others stuck in the darkness to follow, but they're blind so can't see the light, they are trapped in the darkness, no hope, no message, no direction and without hope.


Some want war, others want peace, some want money, others want hope, some born to live an amazing journey, others thinking they are born to die.
Born to die……. Interesting belief none of us are born to die but to be light in thought and light in life. Some desire all in life, some desire what they need and no more, the world is at a cross roads, as are most people, including me!
I haven't yet decided which way to go, since the beginning I knew I wasn't a part of this world but there to aid and keep the old beliefs and ways of the ancient world and beings of far-away places, but this world consumes you, fills you with negativity, anger and fear, and even the lightest beacons of people lose their way and hope, me I'm not sure what is worth saving anymore and waiting for my people to return to take my inner soul back to the place in the universe where I belong.
We need to unlock the fear we have and not do that which society demands of us to live a certain way or that we should act a certain way, treat ourselves and others in a certain manner, but the fear is that we have lost the knowledge of our greatest power, that of our energy, vibration and that we were created as amazing beings with knowledge, understanding and bodies that can repair……. Bodies that can repair themselves…. Therefore why do we age, get ill, the soul and body should last as long as the will and belief is there, again if the mind loses its way, then the body will lose its way and forget its purpose, that it is only the shell to carry the soul.
Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond belief and understand that the power of our light is what scares us not our darkness. We get scared about too much success or taking the risk to be successful as it may unleash our light and extinguish our darkness.
The world is going through cycles that people not from this world have witnessed before. It's not new but an opportunity for the planet, and the people to cleanse, to remove pollution, man-made inventions that contribute towards the planet problems, but in the ancient times these things weren't needed as the world was our MOTHER, we treated it with respect and treated others the same
When the world changes people will compete and create more darkness to survive, but more will survive if we pull together and help thy neighbour. NOT A CHANCE -
Therefore as I write this from my energetic cross-roads I can't made decisions because of fear and also as I don't know which way I fancy going- except I am waiting for my ticket home- I've done too many centuries than I can remember and the thirst for power by man have increased over the years.
The ancient people are now arriving at the time needed the most, the wizards, dragons, intelligent beings from beyond the stars, not aliens, I hate that term, as we were here first and humans were the project, the tenants of the planet, but like all bad tenants if they don't look after the home we evict. These ancient mystical beings are vital for the survival of the higher few to rebuild and recreate the world that should have existed, the way of Atlantis.


No money, no governments, no companies, just all people EQUAL, no fear of being right or wrong, no fear of being high or lower than some-one, just you, the family and your home. What a refreshing thought.

In these times of change people need to prepare, we will lose all power, direction, and where we are, the time, the date, we need to be primitive, using the sun and the stars, asking the earth to once again look after us like it has done for billions of years. Love ones will be lost, but they had a journey and will re-incarnate into the world that is left behind for the chosen few to rebuild

Wizards, dragons will return to help advise and provide guidance, they have been hidden for too long, slept for too long and they are coming- we are not alone in the stars and not alone on this planet, they are amongst us, watching, advising, slowly removing the powers that govern us and control us.
It will seem like an invasion when it happens and the reaction of the main will be to be in fear- DON'T DO THIS- fear increases the darkness, embrace and let in their light and higher spiritual power, some will become aggressive and face the consequences, but for the few we will look in amazement and welcome their help.
The stars seem so far away, I long to be within them again and wish to be there, but my journey is not over, I have things to do, preparations to make…… but what are they…. The longer I stay I remember more as the vibration increases and my connection to the ancients and star beings gets stronger, but the longer I'm here the negativity pulls me the other way distracting me from where I am to be and what I need to do.
I feel tired, fed up and lost. I can't find my home, my star, my people and feel abandoned, even though I know I was asked for a reason to stay and agreed but it's not how it was supposed to be and like others that stayed they have also lost their way, and occasionally you get a glimpse of what you are today or where you are from. Some-one whispers a word and you understand it or you have knowledge about a subject which is immense and you can't remember why.
I ache…. Why? I never used to….. I look in the mirror and look older… why? This body is supposed to last, but then my brain feels older……. Power of the mind something not to be underestimated.
They are not coming….. They're here, watching from a distance, undercover, the way of the wizards, dragons, atlantians is to return to this age and battle if that is what is required to ensure the greater good.

Know thy enemy, learn how it moves, how it thinks, how it lives and grows - FEAR AND THE DARK
Keep thy enemy close, study but don't let it consume you, protect yourself. After many years I have unfortunately become a great student of fear, anger and disappointment and I have decided it's time to change and take back my power.
We all need to understand that in order to develop spiritually that these experiences of negative energies is required so that we may fight and become stronger, don't fear fear but learn how it affects you, makes you feel, how you think, but learn to overcome, change patterns and ADAPT!
Be like a child, no fear is present, society and the will of others puts the fear within us, WITH OUR PERMISSION don't allow it to happen.
For a child that large step to get down is not dangerous, be like our youngest children, they don't fear the big step, they work out how to adapt and beat the challenge, they conquer- we need to embrace our inner child, and remember ourselves as these basic strengths that they have within them and us- unlock that power.
This is a message of love from beyond the stars…. My home, my brothers and sisters. Atlantis is not here it is to be found as it was here from the stars to start the project (human evolution) some like me agreed to stay behind to aid the development, when it was time to move on the city left this planet and returned to the stars to observe and return when the project is over.
Call me what you will Atlantian or Alien, but one thing is clear I am different,
i am here to make change, this is my power,this is my gift
Unleash your light, take back your power, and learn to shine bright in the dark as our children do........
Star Messenger of the Ancients



I have been working in natural health for the past 20 years and have been working with different forms of energy over the last thirteen years  I have been privileged to work with numerous clients from all walks of life and have been amazed at the potential available to make significant advances in peoples lives by using many forms of energy medicine.

In 2007 I was privileged to be gifted with a new form of energy which I was told by my guides would be called Energy Morphing Activation or E.M.A. for short at this point I was introduced to a group of beings known as the Arcturians and at this point I had no concept of any such group of beings but something deep within me stirred and I knew that what was being shown to me was the truth and although initially I tried to find out if anyone else had heard of them there was very little information out there so I had to just go on a knowing and trust that what I was being told was the truth I was told that many over the next few years would be contacted by them and as time as gone by this has been shown to be true as when I first tried researching them I only found 2 people who were speaking of them but if you were to google them now you would find an amazing amount of information out there and although there are some differences in say descriptions most of the information corrulates with what they initially gave me so I can only assume any discrepancies are down to the individuals interpretation of the information being processed by them.

After working with the energy with a few people we began to take it out into the world and the response from people has been amazing as the energy works at stabilize the energy field of each person it also aligns them with the universal grid for many it is like they have been asleep and are waking up from some deep slumber and as they become aligned they are much better able to deal with stress and all that life throws at them.

I do not know why I have been privileged to receive this information all that I know is that it really works in such away that I and many others have never experienced before.

I feel and now know that this energy has much more to offer in the future and I am aware of it's possibilities to assist us through these great times of change and disruption as the planet begins it's ascension process we need to stabilize our energy fields more than ever, I have been informed that is why this energy has been given to us at this time to enable us to make this transition with ease.

It has certainly allowed me to grow in a way I could not off envisioned and I feel that it is important for this information of this new energy to reach as many as possible and as quickly as  possible I have been informed by spirit that this energy is needed now hence I felt it necessary to build a website to get this information out as far and as wide as possible.

I have taken a great leap of faith in sharing this information I was given and I am aware some will not like what I say but I have to be true to myself and speak from my heart and I know this is the way forward,I am aware that others have been given similar information and I have been privileged to connect with several of them and each of us in our own way are doing what is necessary to reach the masses this energy is the energy of now and the future of our planet and mankind need it as more and more people are waking up they are looking for answers,I am not saying E.M.A.  is the answer to everything but it can certainly support you whilst you are seeking to find your own truth as it removes the veils of illusion and allows you to wake up from  the dream state and deception.

E.M.A  acts as a perfect transmitter and receiver attracting the right frequencies of light whilst deflecting the rest whilst building and strengthening our own energy field and creating a shield which allows us to deal with life and all it has to offer us from a much more balanced place.


Who are the Arcturians?

Arcturians are multi-dimensional beings of light who originate from the planet Arcturius
Arcturius is the brightest Star in the Bootees constellation it is also known as the Shepherd
Arcturians act as the guardians of humanity and their ships are the most advanced in the universe
These magnificent crystal beings have unlimited understanding of human genetics and are capable of healing many diseases suffered by humanity they work as spiritual,mental and emotional healers for mankind

They can be called upon for healing and will often take the person who has asked into their healing chambers on board their lightships during their dream state

Miraculous healing can result from working with them so do not be afraid to call upon them
Edgar Cayce(the sleeping profit)referred to them as the most advanced civilization in our universe
Arcturus is also home to the most ascended beings known as the white Brotherhood of light and it's master is Sananda also known as Jesus on the earth plane


The Arcturians are known as keepers of the stargate this stargate is the stargate into the higher dimension of the 5th dimension and way beyond

The Arcturians work with Sacred Geometry and high vibrational colour

They also have their own language which is known as the language of light

The Arcturians all live as one there is no conflict, no secrets it is a place of higher learning of the divine laws

Arcturians may appear as pure light or as angels for this is easier for most to accept but many encounters with angels can often be encounters with Arcturians

The Arcturians are similar in appearance to humans but much taller they have 2 eyes a mouth and nose their skin is much paler almost luminescent their eyes are much larger than our own and are various shades of the colour violet from a very pale violet to very dark

They communicate telepathically and are able to teleport themselves with their minds anywhere
They are highly advanced consciousness and have created technologies  we could only dream about.

They are beings of unconditional love

The Arcturians are one of the most advanced civilisations in our entire galaxy working in the 5th dimension and beyond

They teach that the most important thing for living in the 5th dimension is love and trust there is no reason for negativity, fear and guilt these emotions must be overcome and exchanged for love
They are the most loving non judgemental beings imaginable and they act as the guardians and protectors helping to raise our vibrations assisting us on our journey to ascension……………

In these times of great change, we need to be able to stabilise our energy field and to prepare ourselves for the evolutionary process that is happening on our planet now.

E.M.A can assist you in this, whilst also raising your vibration to the next level and beyond.

For further information call 01543 500765.
Or you can call in at our centre at:
O'listica Health & Wellbeing, 385 Pye Green Road, Cannock, WS11 5RW

E.M.A. client testimonials

During treatment I felt like I'd been whisked of to a very magical and innocent place,really beautiful place to go,felt very safe after session felt really refreshed and renewed but felt like wanted to sleep and like I was in a world of my own,the next day I felt like I was really ready to face the world again refreshed and awakened.

E.M.A is truly the most palbable healing experience I have ever received.I felt calmer tonight than I have felt for several months.I feel I have regained a sense of peace and knowing who and what I am. 
With deep deep gratitude and love 

I felt like I wanted to dive into the energy as soon as the session started.I saw lots of images fairies,unicorns,beautiful horses with lots of amazing different colours like blue,pink,green,violet they were stunning.I felt like I had been placed in a big metal tube that was protecting me although I did feel a little wobbly at times but not enough to feel like I was going to fall over, My back felt quite achy between the shoulder blades whilst I was receiving the treatment but soon passed ,once I was on the couch I felt like I was floating and being rolled over constantly I felt like I was surrounded by so much love and being loved and totally cared for(I have felt I have needed that recently)I was quite amazed at how invigorated I felt when I left even though I wanted a good sleep too.It seemed like a very quick clearing as the next day I felt good( and as you know normally it can take me a few days to get over anything that's that powerful) It was very different to anything I'd experienced before,I felt like I'd taken some sort of feel good drug ( not that I know what that feels like)and it was instant,this energy is very lively energetic and active whilst giving a deep sense of calm I am looking forward to my next session
Kay Oakley

After suffering a viral infection in march,my energy levels went really low,I was unable to cope with day to day living and finally gave up my job,although resting at home my progress was very slow until I was given a leaflet on E.M.A.,at this point I was willing to try anything to get my health and energy back so I went into it with an open mind.The first session was absolutely amazing with balls of violet light circling around me and then I saw myself at my fittest as a 15 year old the next day instead of the usual exhaustion I found I was able to do much more and I felt like my old self was back.The second session was full of colour and I was aware of the colour gold filling the whole room,my body felt much stronger and I was able to go out and about for long days walking my dogs.The 3rd session was much stronger I saw a rectangle of brilliant light with golden rays streaming down onto me,purple and gold flowed around me and I saw the infinity symbol and a dazzling,glittering diamond shape,I feel that this session has improved my stamina and has brought me back to my old self again, I am so glad that I found E.M.A. and I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone as I know it can only help......... Mrs L.Aldworth

Hello Jaqui,

I must say me and mum have felt fabulous since the EMA session we had at the last  meeting. Mum said that she felt really calm the next day and afterwards and in her words 'normal' by that she means that she is feeling calm and relaxed and not in the state of grief she has been feeling since dad died just under 2 years ago so that was fantastic. She also said that the next day she slept in the afternoon and lost all track of time but when she opened he eyes she could see shadows moving and a shape forming so her third eye may have been opened up a little more.

As for me I have felt great too, there has been lots of the usual life stuff that gets everyone down but I have managed to remain positive and float above it all really without getting irritable or stressed out and that's with having my son with man flu and my hubby with man flu both at the same time! On the Saturday I had an experience that I have seen before but was frightened by it the last time. This time I was really pleased to see it. I saw beautiful swirling colours like the colours of prisms and in triangle shapes in my vision with eyes open and shut they stayed with me for about 10 minutes and were lovely. The last time they were there but like DNA strands or ladders with colours all intertwined. So something is awakening I am so pleased.

Also Jaqui would you let me know when you are doing the next EMA attunments as I would like to do this as the benefits are brilliant. 

Many thanks,

Linda & Chris

I am forwarding the testimonial from our last E.M.A. We both felt great after this one we had with you on the 8th very relaxed. Both me and mum said that the energy is very strong and we felt that our bodies were being realigned on a physical and emotional level during the session and afterward. Both of us experienced a continuation of energy moving through our bodies even a couple of days afterwards so it was obviously still carrying on doing its work. Mum forgot to mention to you that after she had looked in to your eyes and then closed them she saw you in a complete block of gold and your outline also had wings….she wanted me to mention it. Both of us have had vivid dreams too, which we are trying to make sense of and work out the meaning. I still feel like nothing is really phasing me even though everything is going on as normal around me with it's usual ups and downs.
Linda Ball 


I can't recommend EMA highly enough. It has completely transformed my life and that's no exaggeration.

I was struggling to make both my life and my marriage work and after exhausting other options for help, EMA was my last attempt. I was carrying around so much frustration, bitterness and anger that I was approaching everything with a very negative attitude and was deeply unhappy.
EMA has completely removed all of this and has helped me to realize the joy of life. To stop and appreciate and cherish what I have. To enjoy playing with my children and to enable me to see life through their eyes with all its endless joys and possibilities. To realize that you have one life and that you deserve to be happy and that the only person your hurting by holding onto negativity is yourself.

Its not a miracle cure and yes I still have bad days where things are frustrating or something is making me sad or crazy but EMA has given me the tools to cope with this now and to just let it go.

I know a few people who have had EMA and their experiences have been quite different to mine but equally as good , its as if EMA knows exactly what you as an individual needs and how to help you and your problems.

It's really quite difficult to describe and to put such an amazing thing into words as it's given me so much more that I have described above but I can honestly say it really is thatgood and  I would recommend everyone to try it.

J. Cannock 


After trying for a baby for over 7 years and 2 recent failed I.V.F attempts I felt very lost in every sense.

I have been going to O'listica for about 4 years now and Jacqi has not onlyprovided excellent treatments but given me hope, encouragement and valued friendship, so I trusted her completely when she recommended me to try E.M.A.

It was life changing for me from the start as it has helped me deal with my disappointment, anger, upset, frustration, constant hormonal ups and downs, but more importantly the on-going feeling of emptiness and loss.

I now feel stronger in every sense and able to cope with all that life throws at me.It has given me a definite natural inner strength to cope with my stressful and very pressured job and that dreaded monthly disappointment.

I now feel more confident and finally able to stick up for myself and for the first time say NO to unreasonable demands and know that I am capable of changing what I am unhappy with and confident that I can move forward.

I now wake up and look out at the sky watch the birds flying and feel how lucky I am to see the flowers bloom and breathe the fresh air,I now appreciate all these things and feel more peaceful and thankful for what I do have in my life. I am calm, able to think clearer and feel a sense of balance in my body. I know I have angels watching over me and feel protected and loved, I occasionally have bad days but no longer scold myself for being weak or negative and if I want to cry then I can do and there is nothing wrong with needing help sometimes. I know that my dream will come true I just to have to be patient and keep believing as E.M.A. has taught me that miracles do happen!

Collette Anthony 


I was 'chatting' to Jacqi by email and happened to mention that an emergency operation had really knocked the stuffing out of me, physically and emotionally. I signed off the conversation and forgot all about it, but Jacqi as always took it upon herself to offer me help and unbeknown to me, proceeded with EMA distance healing. A couple of hours later I was aware of a powerful surge of energy, which started at quite a low freqency and continued to gain momentum for about an hour, and this level of energy stayed with me long enough for me to have the resources to put the operation behind me over the following couple of weeks. It was not until I came to check my emails that I realised where my energy source had come from, it was Jacqi and the EMA, giving me the boost that I needed to help me heal that particular trauma. I had not realised quite how depleted I had become until I received the EMA and as always, I am very lucky to have such a good  and giving friend. Thanks, Jacqi!
Beverley Westwood 


WOW!!!! EMA is such a powerful energy. During and since my EMA session, I have felt more grounded, able to make decisions. I feel more energetic and enthusiastic about life again. I have tried other energy therapies, but this has been by far, the most powerful I have experienced. If you are on your spiritual journey, but are feeling a little lost along the way, then it is worth trying EMA, because I feel that it has given me the tools to develop my work in this area of my life. I feel positive again and the energy has aligned me to the right pathway again. Thank you Jacqi xxxx

Speak to you soon

Lots of love and hugs
Sarah xxxx

E.M.A. therapist testimonials

My journey began last September when I received my first session of ema. I have a very busy life with work, husband and two young sons & had been trying to book in with Jacqi for some time, I decided that I needed to make a little bit more time for me even if it was just 1 hour of blissful ema per month.  

Before my first session I had been experiencing a great deal of pain in my right breast I was due to go & see a Consultant the day after my ema session, I can honestly say I was totally blown away by my first session & on waking up the next morning my pain was gone & has never returned since. I had the all clear thankfully but I believe that my first session of ema played a big part in that.

I went on to have a total of six sessions each one completely different but totally amazing, During the sessions I felt the warm vibrational energy around me with rays of different colours which got stronger with each session. I felt after each one that I was beginning to find myself again. I did have a couple of sessions where I had a little bit of clearing to do but like on the other testimonials it lasted no longer that a day. It has totally transformed my life, my outlook has changed dramatically I feel as if I can take a step back from a lot of situations that I may have stressed about in the past, I feel closer to nature. I cook & bake lots & have even started growing some fruit & veg!

I feel as if I want to reach out and help as many others as I can.

I was aligned to ema on the 18th April, it was another Wow experience for me & I'm so excited about passing this new astounding energy onto others, I have found that people tend to draw to me for advice even more since being aligned. I cant thank Jacqi enough for introducing me to ema it has made such a huge difference to my life & is continuing to do so on a daily basis, thanks Jacqi I cant wait to see what lies ahead on this path filled with love & light...
ZOE xxx

Hi Jacqi

Well I still feel energized - and I feel it has definitely shifted something - so thank you as always.

Below is my thoughts on being aligned to EMA

"Ever since I had my alignment I have been able to connect more easily to a higher vibrational energy for both family, friends and myself.  All I can say is I feel blessed that I now have the ability to tap into this fantastic universal energy whenever there is a need (which is often in this life!!!!). I feel more balanced, in control and happy.  I also feel a strong connection with mother earth and nature - I am really into gardening big time - growing my own veg, walking in the countryside, trying to spend as much time with nature.  I have more positive times then down times which is wonderful.  I can also relieve everyday ailments as they arise for me and my loved ones. I know that my family share this view also.  I just love it".
My thoughts from my latest EMA healing with Jacqi

"I have just experienced the most powerful energy that literally knocked me off my feet - it was so strong - a "g force" describes it perfectly.  The energy was so strong and energizing I felt like I was flying forwards and there was a great force around me that felt hot and safe.  Ever since the treatment I have felt energized and I feel like a great weight has lifted from me - I also feel joyful knowing that something wonderful has just happened  - thank you again Jacqi..



SYMPTOMS OF ASCENTION CAN BE VERY VARIED I OFFER YOU SOME OF THESE THAT HAVE BEEN EXPERIENCED BY MANY YOU MAY HAVE OTHERS TO ADD TO THIS LIST AND IF I BECOME AWARE OF ANY NEW INFORMATION IN THE FUTURE I WILL BE SURE TO PASS IT ON. (this list is not inclusive and you may experience all of the symptoms or you just may experience one or two it will depend upon each individual and if your really lucky you won't experience any)

  • Aches and Pains (especially in joints)
  • spaciness (not quite being here)
  • headaches
  • tiredness
  • lethargy
  • depression( for no particular reason if these symptoms persist there may be a physical reason so if they continue for more than a few weeks get this checked out)
  • feeling distant to loved ones
  • irritated
  • sensitive to sound
  • electrical equipment going haywire around you
  • exhaustion
  • emotionally drained
  • detached
  • agitated 
  • elated
  • moments of euphoria
  • deep sadness
  • ecstatic
  • blissful
  • calm
  • peaceful 
  • feeling as if time has slowed down
  • feeling that time has sped up



13th September 2013



What an interesting day today has been

I have had what you might call an epiphany

I have known for some time now that I had to trust and just allow myself to flow with what feels right for me and resonates deep within my soul

So today after doing an E.M.A healing session  with a client we were talking afterwards about what had happened during the session when I found myself telling her something that I hadn’t considered a possibility before but as the words tumbled out of my mouth with ease I gained great clarity


You could say a great big piece of the jigsaw dropped in place
I said wouldn’t it be funny if all the people we thought hadn’t awoken yet really had and it was us that were still sleeping and awakening from a deep sleep
As I said these words I began to laugh as I was shown a picture of a finishing line in a race and I could see the white tape in front of me and we were running towards it thinking yes!!!yes !!! we are nearly there then suddenly on the other side of the tape at the finishing line were all the people who we thought we had left behind were cheering us on encouraging us to cross the finishing line

As the picture unfolded before me I could see all of us on the side running towards the line looking very puzzled as we began to recognize the faces of the people on the other side of the finishing line and we were all thinking how did you get there and why are they clapping us and cheering us on to reach them on that side

Then a realization hit me like a bolt of lightning they had already made it and they had been part of our illusion part of our distraction and as we had kept stopping thinking we needed to save them and help them to remember who they were they had just been playing a roll in our creation of our own story and it had given us reason to dilly dally making excuses as to why we couldn’t awaken fully till more had woken up
It was really our ego’s way of slowing our progress for fear we would actually realise our true potential

It made me laugh as it felt like some big cosmic joke that had been played on us and all along we just had to run our own race and everything else would fall into place there never was anyone who needed us to wait for them that was just a part of the grand illusion so here we go on the next leg of the journey only this time I know that everyone one is  running there own race at exactly the right pace for them and we will all arrive at exactly the right time for each and everyone of us  we are exactly where we are meant to be as we create  exactly  what we need to  awaken our selves to our  divine truth we will arrive when we decide to as we are all masters of our own destiny……..

I hope you too can see the funny side of this as I did and realise it’s time to lighten up and smile

Ask yourself this when did you become so serious?

When did you stop Playing and having fun?

When did you last laugh till you cried?

Life has become far to serious it’s all been one great big cosmic joke

So lighten up Smile and let’s choose to live in joy

Love one another and Trust that everything will turn out just fine

And so it is
Jacqi Eagles  xxxx


No one knows what will happen in 2012 it's mostly supposition as there is an unknown quantity called the
Human race 
All I know is that change is coming whether we are ready or not and it will be up to each and every one of us to decide how we react and now is the time to take responsibility for yourself and all that you do
we can no longer Point the finger and blame everyone else for how life is turning out for when you accuse another for things in your life going wrong you may as well just give away your power
We will all have some major choices to make much more significant than in the past but know that all will be well if we just step out of FEAR and take back our POWER
Do you wait till you are pushed?
Or will you run to the edge and jump knowing that you will be given your wings and you will fly if you let go of that fear and just trust

2012 is going to be a time for us to step forward and be the change we want to see we can no longer stand on the sidelines and complain about what needs to change we have to participate in making these changes happen
So I for one am ready to step forward even though I am not quite sure how I will do it but I know I will, I have decided not to worry about the how's I am just going to do what I am inspired to do and I know if I live in the moment all of that will be taken care of
 One of the things I would love to do is bring together people from all walks of life
 I have met some truly amazing people with incredible gifts who keep things very close to their chest and I want them to come out from under the rocks and stand up and allow their lights to shine
For when they allow their light to shine it gives others permission to step forward and share their gifts it's time we celebrated the magnificent beings that we all are
 We often underestimate the gifts that we have and just because you may not be an artist or singer etc that does not mean you do not have a gift or many gifts to share with the world, for there are many things that are overlooked that are gifts in their own right
for instance being a good listener is a gift that many people need to utilize a good organizer, a good friend these are just as important and in many cases more so.
 So do not underestimate the many talents and gifts that you all have it is just about the perception of a gift that is all and we must learn to value all aspects and not just a few….
 So in 2012 I invite you all to take BACK YOUR OWN POWER and stop giving it away, often to people or organizations you don't even know yet you see them as more powerful than you
I also invite you to set up local communities with an aim to change things in your area if you are not happy with them
We need to embrace one another and stop seeing the differences and start noticing how alike we all really are, we all have our own agendas and that's fine that's why we are so unique but that doesn't mean we can't all work together for the good of all and still maintain our individual personalities
So here's to 2012 and beyond let's be the change we want to see and let's get some courage and stand up and be counted
Let's embrace 2012 like we have all just been awoken from a very deep sleep let's remove the cobwebs from our eyes and let's begin to see a new world let's look at doing things differently let's start from the beginning and let's start doing things from a new model let's move away from the old model as we all now it hasn't worked to well up to now and we need to start thinking outside the box
we cannot keep doing things they way we used to because if we do we will just get more of the same so it is a great time of transformation and we need to brain storm new ideas no matter how different they may seem, do not dismiss them lightly really look from different angles and all view points even if the ideas seem unworkable sometimes these are the ideas that create the changes we need to turn things around
so I call out to you all do not be afraid to speak out and let your voice be heard know that you are of value and you may just be the person who comes up with that idea that is needed to turn things around
I wish you all a wonderful adventure on the journey called life and always remember you are an amazing spiritual being having a human experience so lets have some fun along the way and always remember allow your light to shine brightly as you dance with life and if you don't do anything else smile it could make someone's day

If anyone is interested in helping to create these changes and is ready to take action now please contact me @
And together just maybe we can make a difference so until I have the pleasure of your company may your life be filled with much love and happiness


The Real Secret 

Let me let you into a secret there is no secret it's a lie you've been sold the only secret is you are trying to find something from someone else that you already know the answer to you will not find the answers via a 3rd party you already have the answers within Yourself you just forgot
People might be able to help you access this information but the reality is it does not matter how many courses or lectures or workshops you attend until you look within you will not find the truth because everyone's truth is a little different because we are all unique beings
now don't get mad at the people who promised you you would find the answer to what you needed within their courses that was your choice you chose to give your power away to another person by thinking they somehow were better than you smarter than you and cleverer than you
Now I am not saying you won't gain something from attending these courses because I know you will but ultimately the buck stops with you because if you are given information that can assist you and tools to make your life better then you choose not to use them, then that's also your choice
but I will let you in to an even bigger secret we have been sold down the river because you are made to believe that to be happier you have to have a bigger house a bigger car etc and when you've done that you become successful wrong because if your not happy in the first place do you really think that these things are going to make you happy it's a bit like sticking a plaster on a broken arm and expecting it to heal you know it won't so instead of aiming for a bigger car bigger house etc the first place to start would to look at why you are not happy
maybe your not happy because you don't like your job well change it (I hear you saying it's easier said than done well I have to tell you it's as easy or as hard as you decide) if your job is making you miserable and you still choose not to leave it then you will have to make the most of it don't waste time moaning about how you hate it so much ,change your perspective and think about what it allows you to do how it funds the things you enjoy and then maybe you will see it with different eye's and if you can't do that then carry on wasting all that energy moaning about it rest assured  it will waste an awful lot of your time and energy and it can't be that bad otherwise you would walk away or change it instead of finding excuses not to leave
You might think having a bigger car or bigger house will make you happy but ultimately it won't you need to find out what it is that makes you happy and then you are almost there because if you are happy everything else pails into insignificance
You will find that when you are happy you actually realise it's not the material things that make you feel like that it's the simple things in life
You might fool yourself by saying that material things do make you happy but the reality is this is very short lived and very quickly you are looking for the next thing to make you feel happy,
 Happiness is not something that can be gained from outside of yourself it is something that is within you
for most of our lives we have been sold a lie the lie that we are only successful if we have the big fancy house the latest equipment the best paid job etc etc and the truth is if you are happy with what you have be it a job working at the checkout and a small house and a small income it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks it's not about trying to be what someone else is or what someone else thinks you should or should not be doing it's about celebrating who you are a most amazing spiritual being having a human experience


Do you think a child looks at you and says oh! I can't love that person because they haven't got a big fancy car and a posh house no that child just loves you because it can that child loves them no matter what
the most successful people I have met have been those who have been happy with the simplest things in their lives
The one's who are always searching for the next thing they need to buy to prove to the world that they are successful are the ones who really struggle inside they are often a mess
But they often pretend to the world that everything is great but often that is a lie they are living and are afraid to be really authentic because they fear they will be rejected so they continue to live the lie in the hope that they will never get found out
 I hear some of you saying now you are only saying that because you don't believe in yourself and that's fine I can handle that because I know it is a way of trying to bully me into thinking I'm not good enough but that old trick doesn't work on me anymore as they say been there done that oh! And by the way I've even got the T-shirt Ha!Ha!
I've been in workshops where I dared to question what is being said about manifesting things into your life that you need almost saying to be successful is about attaining more things that are really just material nothing else and I must admit I've always struggled with that because for a long time I thought there must be something wrong with me because when I thought about the big car the big house I knew it wasn't for me as I had already had many of those things and I knew they were not what fulfilled me so it was like I was lying to myself when I tried to focus on them. I am not saying to have nice things is wrong or bad as long as they don't rule you
I love and appreciate nice things but I have learnt they are not what really make me happy
The simplest things fill me with great joy it is far more important to focus on those simple things and show gratitude for them and when you do everything else pails into insignificance
One of the biggest lies we've been told is that success is dependant on how much you have etc and it's quite amazing how many of us buy into this lie but for me  I feel I can no longer just go along with something I dont believe just because someone tells me it's the truth and I would say to everyone you don't have to believe something just because someone says you should,
 Remember someone else's truth may not be yours so don't own what you don't believe think for yourself as you are always your own best guru
I do the job I do because I want to reach as many people as I can and I want to help them to feel better about themselves by giving them the tools they need and basically just reminding them that they could achieve whatever they wanted to by using the tools they had at their disposal and really they didn't need me or anyone else I was only their to remind them of what they already knew but had forgotten I want to empower people and remind them that all they need is within them it does not come from an outside source no one or anything is greater, better or smarter it might seem that way but all it means is that they are using the tools they have at their disposal what I set out to do to reach as many people as possible and empower them and helping to remember who they are helping them to stand in their own magnificence
I think the world needs to step back and take a good look at itself and to ask the question when did we stop believing anything is possible when did we stop believing we can change the world when did we make money and material things the most important thing in our lives when did we start believing we couldn't have a wonderful life now and that we had to wait until we had more money a bigger house before we could start having the life we wanted we have been kept in the dark far to long and been made to feel inadequate when the truth is we are powerful far beyond anything we can imagine and it does not come down to how much money we have it comes down to how much we believe in ourselves and how much love we have and how much we actually care about our fellow human beings and how much we are prepared to do to make a change in this world if we want to live in a more compassionate world we must become more compassionate if we want to live in a world that cares we must become more caring we can create that utopia but it has to begin with us and we have to take that first step and then the journey can begin

I know I have had to learn many lessons along the way on my journey to happiness and some days I still get it wrong but now I don't beat myself up I just remember I am still on a journey and still learning and everyday I am truly grateful for everything in my life especially the simple things so instead of chasing after that bigger car that bigger house give yourself a break and learn to be content with what you have and who you are then many more important things will come your way that can not be taken away from you by loosing your job etc for the real gifts you have no one or nothing can take them away unless you choose to let them for they are your divine rights
I leave you with a thought

 what do you want to be remembered for is it for how much money you had how many homes you had how many gadgets or would you rather be remembered for how many people you touched along the way and how much love you shared……….
I know which one I am going to choose do you?

The Golden Thread

There is a golden thread that encircles this planet. We can all be connected to it if we so choose, and if you choose to be connected, magical things will happen in your life. You will begin to realise that you are never alone. Sometimes we are connected by a single thread and at other times it seems as if we have become attached to a great big chord.

As more of us choose to be a part of this magical golden thread we will become to know the many gifts we have within us.

This golden thread can give you the key to unlock the most amazing treasure chest that has always belonged to you. Within the treasure chest lies many gifts, when you turn the key and open the treasure chest you will realize that there is everything you ever needed or desired within your grasp. The only thing required is for you to reach out and claim your divine right to these numerous gifts. There is love and laughter, there is joy and peace, there is abundance and beauty and anything else you wish for is within this treasure chest - for the treasure chest is you and for so long you have looked everywhere for that which you thought you needed, when all along it was you who had hidden this treasure chest deep within your inner being……

The golden thread allows you to remember who you are and how you are connected to all that is and ever will be in the divine matrix.

The only thing that stops you from connecting to the golden thread 
is you and your own fear, 
- Are you ready to receive the gifts that you were always meant to have?
- Are you ready to turn that key and unlock your heart?
Allowing it to open wide letting love flow from you out into the cosmos and back again ....

If you are ready and willing it's really quite simple - you have to just take that first step and choose to become re-connected to the beautiful gossamer of golden threads just say yes and it is done and you are connected to all that is…….

Prepare to enjoy the journey from this moment on

With every one of us that chooses to say yes, the threads become stronger and more and more lights ignite around this beautiful planet  as we begin our journey back to our rightful place of oneness amongst the stars………..

By Jacqi Eagles


Well here it is - my first blog hopefully one of many as time will permit me. I hope that it will help you on your journey to enlightenment, I do not profess to have the answers to everything in fact the answers I have are from my own experiences and they may or may not resonate with you,but I share these experiences and ideas with an open heart that they might help you the reader in some small way and push you to ask questions and to take it upon yourself to become a responsible spiritual being and take control back for your own life by excepting responsibility for your journey towards becoming a master creator of your own destiny.

So many people give away their own power to others by not accepting responsibility for things that are happening within their lives.

The question that continues to be asked is how do we get through these times of great uncertainty?

How do we shut out the noise of the media and the mind that continues to tell us we have tough times ahead?

How do we deal with intense energy running through our bodies? 

How do we deal with impending earth changes and keep our spirits high enough?
I will share some of what I know (and am still learning along the way) in the hope that in some small way I can convince you that you are significant and you can make a difference in this world.
There are energies at work that have a vested interest in keeping us feeling out off balance and confused,but remember those energies are NOT more powerful than we are they are only more powerful is we let them be,so please don't let them convince and try to trick you into believing that they are. First of all don't think for one minute that those questions belong only to a few, they belong to many regardless of how enlightened we may think we are,we are all in this together, although it is still important that our own individual work is vigilant,we must keep ourselves out of fear and panic and remain grounded and in a state of clarity.

Now is the time you are being called upon to Master the Discipline of Self-Control,become a Master of Discernment, Master of Energy and most importantly a Master of LOVE.........

Consider this - it is vitally important that you learn how to stabilize and become responsible for your personal energy fields. Each and every one of us must learn the art of stopping negative emotional response no matter the ways we are prompted otherwise, whenever you emotionally react negatively you considerably weaken your energy field and set your self up to be hypnotized by the lower mind. This is a dangerous trap that none of us can or need to get caught in. We must learn how to become a witness rather than a hostage to the phenomena that is occurring within you and on the planet right now. If you learn to do this and use discernment in situations you will be amazed at how much wider your lens of perception will become,as you perceive below the surface of a situation you will become encouraged far more times than you will be discouraged. It is vitally important in these times of great planetary changes that you find something that brings you peace and joy and whenever there appears to be a hiccup of internal panic or fear whatever the thing you have discovered that brings you back to that state of peace use it often. 
For me it is meditating or singing it allows me to calm down, feel love and keep that state for long periods,so find what it is for you and when you have found it use it as often as possible. Remember we are here for a reason and even if we can not remember at this time why we are here know that each and everyone one of use agreed this we are all the chosen one and eventually we will realize this truth. Always remember we agreed to do this even if we can't remember and we've forgotten we agreed to this always try to remain centred and keep your heart open it will always make the journey seem easier.................

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